A solar lease through Bright Eye Solar offers a bright alternative to owning a commercial solar system. With affordable options to fit every budget, our solar leasing provides risk-free and worry-free access to solar energy today. We offer solar panel system leasing in central Pennsylvania, including Lancaster, Harrisburg, and York. We also offer solar leasing in Philadelphia and Maryland. Through the NRG Sun Lease, Bright Eye Solar offers zero down, down payment as well as prepaid lease options.

You will also have the following flexible end of term options:

  • Renew the lease
  • Purchase the system
  • Remove the system at no cost

Solar Lease Benefits

Utility costs are constantly on the rise. Of course, this means that utility companies will pass those costs on to you. A solar energy system allows you lock in a portion of your energy costs.

  • Quick and easy access to solar power
  • Turnkey solar design and installation
  • Power Production Guarantee
  • Utility bill savings
  • Insurance and system warranty
  • Worry-free maintenance and monitoring

Stress-Free Solar

With the NRG SunLease Agreement, Bright Eye Solar will design a system specifically for your energy needs. With the Power Production Guarantee, if the system does not produce the minimum amount of energy predicted, we pay you the difference. Of course, if the system produces more power than predicted, then the additional energy is yours. At no cost.
Additionally, homeowners who lease enjoy the added comfort of full system insurance and warranties. This means less money out of your pocket.

Call Bright Eye Solar today to have us prepare a solar lease specifically designed based on your home and budget.

A credit check and qualified credit score is required prior to approval from NRG.

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