In a move to protect US manufacturers of solar panels, stiff tariffs have been enacted on Chinese imports, some currently being dumped on the market at below production costs. One residential and commercial installer of solar panels in Maryland didn’t have much good to say about the high tariff, saying it will hurt his business and increase costs.

Our opinion is that it’s right to support US manufacturing. There are approximately 600 manufacturers of solar panels in the United States. Add to that another 2,100 solar installation companies and you begin to see that we have a viable solar industry in the US. After seeing so many American jobs outsourced overseas and many American products supplanted by cheap imports, we’re pleased that some measures are finally being taken to give US-made products a fighting chance in the market.

If Chinese firms raise their prices to account for the new import tariffs, it makes the playing field even more level, in our view. We want to offer our own customers a choice of solar panels for installation in Maryland, or anyplace else we do business. It may be a few dollars more now, but the benefits include, we believe, better quality products and contributing to a healthier US economy. We think that’s a win/ win and we hope you’ll decide to do business with us in agreement.