Think Energy Costs Will Be Going Down?  (No, we don’t either.)

We’d all love to think that giant energy companies will find it in their hearts to lower our rates and find sustainable ways to produce more with less. It seems unlikely to us, and probably to you as well, since you’re here, researching solar energy options.

Good call. Why not take charge of your energy future? Maybe even sell some back to the grid and have them pay YOU for a change?

At Bright Eye Solar, we’re dedicated to helping people in Lancaster, West Chester, and surrounding areas such as York, HarrisburgPhiladelphia, and Maryland switch to a cleaner and more affordable solar energy solution. We provide high-quality, affordable products and services, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about this alternative energy. Our staff consists of experienced professionals who have extensive training and knowledge in powering homes and businesses with solar power.

We look forward to talking with you so we can discuss your solar energy options. Though many people worry about the initial expense of installation, both federal and state tax incentives help make it more cost-effective for you. And the savings benefits just multiply from there!

If you are ready to take care of your future energy costs and supply, contact us for a quick chat about your location to see if solar is right for you.